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1962 - 2023

Our history

In July 2018, Anthony Nakoneczny Marin, then 17 years old. Decides to launch Curlynak, a brand of socks and technical accessories whose development would take place in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley, in the Alps, his native valley. 

He was inspired by his father's passion for the mountains and his mother's for textiles to launch this company which traces the family history since 1962.

Company still owned by the Nakoneczny Marins at the foot of Mont-Blanc.

This is Curlynak  story.

Chapter 1, inspiration from the mountains.

Curlynak Ski archive de notre histoire
Curlynak archive de notre histoire

Born in 1962 and 1969, Christine Marin and Christophe Nakoneczny apparently had nothing in common.


Except for the devouring passions that punctuate their lives. 


Christophe has been a great mountain and sports enthusiast since a very young age.

Originally from Sézanne in Champagne Ardenne, where his parents run a business. He goes every year to winter sports in Contamines-Montjoie, a family ski resort near the town of Chamonix. 

There he will discover the taste for effort and he will develop his passion for the mountains. So much so that he decided a few years later to go to Annecy to do his military service in the 27th Battalion of Alpine Hunters.. An army corps trained for combat conditions in  montagne


He will never leave and will make Haute-Savoie his favorite land of welcome and playground.

There he will meet Christine, a native of the valley, passionate about textiles, lingerie and hosiery. She owns a lingerie business in the town of Sallanches, a few minutes from Chamonix.


Anthony Nakoneczny Marin fondateur de Curlynak

Born in 2001 from the union of Christophe and Christine, Anthony Nakoneczny Marin is named after both of her parents. He lives a daily life punctuated by skiing, hiking and the mountains.


Like his father, he developed a strong taste for effort and the mountains at a very young age. 

The mountains are his way of getting away from school, of finding himself alone.   And to think again and again.



The brand's first logo in 2018 transforms the A with a character of Anthony and his curly hair.

Immobilized for 3 months following a minor injury, Anthony decides to take advantage of a break from sport to continue writing the story of his family which inspires him so much and which has its origins in 1962.


To make the link between his mother's passion for textiles and his father's for the mountains.


He then created Curlynak, with the ambition of bringing an innovative vision to such important and often forgotten products, technical socks.

In July 2018, Curlynak was born.

curlyin reference to her curly hair and the loop knitting technique.

Nakin reference to the beginning of his family name and to the nickname given to his father and himself "Nako". 


Curlynak develops the  polyamide Curlight® yarn, both light and resistant, to produce technical and colorful socks



Creation of the CN range. The company studies the feet of athletes to manufacture more efficient products

Chaussettes vêtements et casquettes personnalisés
Chaussettes trail made in france curlynak cn light jaune fluorescent gris.png


The design office introduced the innovative Culywindstrom® fabric to give life to the first membrane headband, windproof and warm.

The company is also launching its CurlyGreen® program which aims to produce in a sustainable way by proposing concrete and committed actions for the environment. 

Headband Curlynak géo bw


Curlynak socks have been shipped in more than 30 countries

The brand offers more than 50 product references and innovates every day to push the limits.

The Nakoneczny Marin family is still at the head of the company in Chamonix and continues to develop and tell this story which has its origins in 1962 which the son has decided to continue writing since 2018.

Anthony Nakoneczny Marin fondateur de Curlnak
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