Ski, ride, run, walk. It is the best. But the need to change equipment whenever it takes time, it's painful.

So we thought he was   high time to release an ultra-versatile sock that could allow athletes to be comfortable and protected regardless of the discipline, and that without compromise.


Saying it's a jack-of-all-trades is not enough.

To give it so much versatility without making a choice and without removing the advantages that a specific sock to a sport can bring, we had to carry out a real study.

The objective of this study was to highlight the constraints exerted on the foot according to each sport in order to solve them.

Then bring it all together in a single product. Then we tested it for dozens of hours and in all conditions. Including in high mountains and in a storm. (despite U.S...).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.



"As a fan of mountain sports I find it painful to always need more equipment. One sock for skiing, another for hiking ... So I thought of a sock that could overcome this problem. We're finally going to have our handy pair of mountain socks.

Are you going to climb?

You want a pair of socks for your approach walk , hop CN-MOUNTAIN.

Are you going to do your trail running session ? Hop, CN-MOUNTAIN.

Ski touring day, CN-MOUNTAIN.

No need to choose anymore.

2/3 pairs of socks like this and we can do anything   do without too much taking the lead .

And that was exactly the purpose of the operation.

This is why this sock has been validated by many mountain professionals (guide, military, etc.) who have been able to test it ".

Anthony Nakoneczny marin.jpg
Image de Marc Kargel

"It is clearly the perfect sock for mountain sports"

LAUNCH ON 25/11/2O2O